Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Underrated Blog-a-Thon: Postscript

I've received a belated submission to The Underrated Blog-a-Thon. Terrance at Blogsmos, co-creator of Treblezine, wrote an excellent history of this phenomenal music website, combined with the site's philosophy, and a plea to support intelligent music writing. Much like my thoughts on Red Meat, this is both a celebration of the underrated as well as a request for public support and knowledge.

Terrance writes: "But, to get back on track, this is a plea. If you love music, or have a friend who loves music, we simply ask that you tell them about our site. We’re quite proud of it. We feel that the past five years have only made it better. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what we could do with it if we could work on it full time. Ah, perchance to dream."

You've probably seen Treble linked on the Chicago Ex-Patriate sidebar, and for good reason. There are no agendas. No specific genre is overtly favored over another. The focus is simply on writing thoughtful essays on music, most current, with the occasional feature on the classics. Treble's calling card is the lack of numerical ratings for albums. If you want to know what the writer felt about the album, you have no choice but to read and understand their thoughts. There's no way to glance at a "5.0" or "3 stars" rating. Whether an album is good or bad, this site is not lacking in writing talent or enthusiasm. In a music review world dominated by cynicism, a little enthusiasm goes a long way.

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