Sunday, May 18, 2014


My best friend Edward Williams wrote and directed a short film about a writer, a misleading landlord, and a diabolical demon. He plays the landlord and demon; I play the writer. It's a horror/comedy. You should watch it.

Renter from William Eddy on Vimeo.

My "film debut." Not quitting my day job anytime soon. This was so much fun to make, and I hope my bald spot isn't too blinding.

Friday, May 16, 2014

"The Fun We've Had" Review Live on The Fanzine

Happy Friday!

Yesterday, the seriously awesome people behind The Fanzine published another one of my book reviews: I wrote about Michael J. Seidlinger's The Fun We've Had, now out from Lazy Facist Press.

It's a novel that very few people could pull of successfully: it concerns the relationship, identities, and interactions of two people floating in a coffin, with memories, sharks, and alternating genders/ages among their problems and perceptions. Pre-publication blurbs likened the novel to Italo Calvino; I mentioned Amelia Gray and Salvador Plascencia as potential literary siblings to this work.

Click here to read my review. And thank to you to Michael for writing such a challenging work. Also, thank to you to Casey McKinney and Sarah Rose Etter for giving me the opportunity to discuss this work.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

"The Heart is the Size of a Fist" Now Live on CHEAP POP

I'm a couple days late, but I have a new story online. It's a piece of micro fiction titled "The Heart is the Size of a Fist," available via the awesome new literary journal CHEAP POP.

My story is here.

The editors of CHEAP POP (Robert James Russell and Elizabeth Schmuhl) post new stories every Tuesday and Thursday. And, for a journal that's only been around since January, they've published some staggering work by some seriously talented artists. Matt Bell, Amanda Miska, Leesa Cross-Smith, Jared Yates Sexton, and others.

I'm proud to have my work available with them, and I'm really, fantastically humbled to have my words in such great company. Thanks, Rob and Elizabeth!

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