Friday, May 16, 2014

"The Fun We've Had" Review Live on The Fanzine

Happy Friday!

Yesterday, the seriously awesome people behind The Fanzine published another one of my book reviews: I wrote about Michael J. Seidlinger's The Fun We've Had, now out from Lazy Facist Press.

It's a novel that very few people could pull of successfully: it concerns the relationship, identities, and interactions of two people floating in a coffin, with memories, sharks, and alternating genders/ages among their problems and perceptions. Pre-publication blurbs likened the novel to Italo Calvino; I mentioned Amelia Gray and Salvador Plascencia as potential literary siblings to this work.

Click here to read my review. And thank to you to Michael for writing such a challenging work. Also, thank to you to Casey McKinney and Sarah Rose Etter for giving me the opportunity to discuss this work.

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