Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Underrated Blog-a-Thon, Day Three

I've received two excellent submissions for Day Three, both of which have a thread of similarity.

Shannon the Movie Moxie fends off any doubters who would dare question the film Gidget. There's an inherent sweetness, inspiration, and unexpected (for 1959) female empowerment. She writes:

" Gidget has her own interests and excels at them. Sure they may not always fit along the lines of what girls are 'suppose' to do but she doesn't let that get in her way! Go surfer girl go.

Gidget believes. In herself, in her friends, even in people that others have given up on. Sure, at times it is slanted at a bit of naiveté, but it's also comes from the heart. This in turn inspires those around her."

The second post comes from Jeff Ignatius over at Culture Snob. While "Heal Thyself" was not originally written for The Underrated Blog-a-Thon, Jeff was kind enough to suggest it. I read this essay on Stuart Saves His Family immediately after mentioning Happy Gilmore in my comment on Shannon's blog. Both Shannon and Jeff take unexpected comedies and find true value beneath the surface. Jeff writes:

"Stuart, like This Is Spinal Tap and A Mighty Wind, somehow manages to nail the details of its subject without abandoning broad comedy or affectionate satire. Ramis brings a workmanlike professionalism to the project, with a good sense of timing and deft handling of the movie’s shifting tones."

Thanks to Shannon and Jeff for contributing today. Only two days left!

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