Friday, November 23, 2018

"Secret Astronauts:" New Fiction in Necessary Fiction

Good evening, y'all, and a happy belated Thanksgiving.

I'm a couple days late posting this, but I have a new short story up and ready to read: my short piece "Secret Astronauts" is now available on Necessary Fiction.

I'm grateful for all of my publication homes, but this one is especially sweet. Necessary Fiction was one of literary websites I fell in love with years ago, when I renewed my commitment to serious reading and fiction writing. I've written a couple book reviews for them, and submitted fiction sporadically over the years. So yeah, keep trying with the places you love. This is a damn honor in many ways.

Thank you to Steve Himmer and the great Lacey N. Dunham, who not only accepted my work, but also made diligent edits to make my work even stronger. The little things she noticed were necessary (no pun, no), and helped so much with continuity and strength. I wouldn't have blamed Lacey for passing on this based on the edits it needed, but they saw something there, were willing to work with me, and are very much responsible for the smoothness here. Thank you, Lacey. Hug your editors, always.

I hope you enjoy reading my work. Huzzah. I'm still thankful.

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