Monday, February 10, 2014

MIRA CORPORA Review at Necessary Fiction

I have another review up today. The awesome folks at Necessary Fiction have published my review of Mira Corpora, Jeff Jackson's 2013 debut novel from Two Dollar Radio.

I've long admired the consistent quality of fiction and reviews that come out of Necessary Fiction, and I'm really honored and thrilled to have a new home for a review of a terrific novel. I'll hopefully have another review published there next month (I don't want to share any details until the editing process is complete, and I never want to be presumptuous).

Michelle Bailat-Jones is a terrific editor, even if we communicate solely via e-mail. She's enthusiastic about independent literature and is always glad to answer my most inane queries and questions.

My review is here. Thanks, Necessary Fiction. Thanks, Michelle. And thanks, Jeff Jackson, for a terrific reading experience.

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