Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Instafiction: Website Of the Week

Yesterday, Jeremy and I were honored to receive some kind works from Hayden's Ferry Review, a literary journal based in Arizona State University. On their blog, was selected as their Website Of the Week, and highlighted the work we've been doing. Here's the full write-up:

"How would you like to enjoy a short story every weekday morning? Well, look no further than to begin your day.

Instafiction is dedicated to providing daily stories that are suited to diverse reading platforms, as the stories are formatted to take up a “single page,” which sounds like the perfect length to enjoy with morning coffee before the day begins in earnest.

Within the past week Instafiction featured stories by Jeanette Winterson, Adam Levin, Harlan Ellison, BD Feil, and Shellie Zacharia. And with archives stretching back to July of 2011, one could explore all that the site has to offer. And best of all, no subscription is required!

But that’s not all. Instafiction is also encouraging “authors, literary magazines/websites, publishers and other parties who are interested in seeing work featured” to get involved here. What better way to give back to this site than offering suggestions for future stories or—perhaps—submitting your work? (April 9th, 2012)"

I love posting recaps of this type of attention, not out of any egotistical back-patting, but because it's exciting to know that other people and journals appreciate what we do, and this particular post captures exactly the essence of how we imagine people enjoying our story selections. Instafiction is slowly approaching its first full year in existence. We're still a small operation, but the attention has always maintained a steady growth, and we do have some fiercely dedicated readers. We haven't received any submissions yet for original material, but I'm hoping that will change soon.

Thank you to the staff of Hayden's Ferry Review for your kind words and dedication to quality short fiction.

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