Saturday, June 13, 2009

More Collaborations

Getting myself settled in Chicago has taken a little bit longer than I anticipated, hence the lack of posts in the past two weeks. I'm going to have myself back on track this week, with new essays, writings, and comments on the way. I'm very excited about the readings I have planned, and this should be a very fruitful, productive summer.

For now, I'd like to share a new project that was brought to my attention last week. Jeremy at Raccoon has started a new blog for music, specifically year by year songs for the 2000s. The blog, which can be found here, will run until January 1st, 2010. Here are Jeremy's ideas:

"So here's the plan.

I have acquired a blogspot domain with which we can play— From June 1, 2009 until Jan 1, 2010, I plan on posting at least few tracks a week (as MP3s) to this blog, along with short appreciative write-ups. I don't intend on writing them all myself, though, or even choosing all the tracks—that wouldn't be very collaborative, would it?

So here's how you can help out:

1) Pick a song you like.

2) Write a short appreciation of it. By "short" I mean that around a paragraph is fine, but longer is OK too. [Note: I'm intending to proceed chronologically, starting with a few weeks devoted to songs / tracks released in 2000, and moving forward from there, finally wrapping up with 2009 around the end of the year. So for now, I'm only collecting write-ups for tracks released in 2000. I'll let you know when we're getting ready to move on to 2001.]

3) Send me the appreciation in an e-mail, and attach an MP3 version of the track. [If the track is too long to fit comfortably as an attachment, or if your e-mail client balks for some other reason, touch base with me—we can work something out.]

4) Repeat as desired.

That's it! I can host the file and handle the back-end leg-work of turning your write-up into a blog post.

Collectively, you form a very eclectic group, but this seemed like a good way that we could all share our opinions with one another, enjoy some camraderie, and end up with a nice collection that celebrates a decade of good music. What say you?"

So anyone interested in the wonderful music from the past decade should check it out, and better yet, contact Jeremy to make your own contributions. I'll have the link posted on the bookmarks to the right of your screen.

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