Thursday, June 5, 2008

I Was Just Wondering, That's All

Last week, during my usual daily browsing of sports websites (namely and the marginal coverage on, I came across an article by Woody Paige, a columnist for The Denver Post and a regular contributor on ESPN's Around the Horn. In the column, he mentioned the hypothetical possibility of the Cleveland Indians trading Cliff Lee for the Colorado Rockies' Matt Holliday. I won't go into statistics, but I e-mailed Paige my thoughts on that scenario. I didn't have any major urge to do this; I saw a link to send a message to him, so I figured "what the hell?"

I forgot all about this, until I remembered this morning. I checked his website, and was pleasantly shocked to find that my e-mail was one of a few that he responded to this morning. Apparently, he wasn't in a good mood. And no, I am not the General Manager of the Cleveland Indians.

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Ryer said...

you're goddamn right you're not the GM of the Cleveland Indians, and you never will be. DON'T YOU EVER FUCK WITH WOODY PAIGE YOU SON OF A BITCH. that guy is tough shit and a mean motherfucker and doesn't take shit from anyone, understand? least of all you. you don't get to the level that woody paige has without having to kick around a few of the little people when they get uppity. learn your lesson, mind your manners and smell what woody paige is cookin'.

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