Thursday, August 7, 2008


Hey everyone--

I'm out of town for a wedding, so I probably won't have any new posts before next week. I might be able to get one or two done, but as of now, they'll probably resume in about a week. Any comments or critiques? By all means, keep them coming, and I'll respond accordingly.


Michael Peterson said...

I'm curious to see what comes next. Also, your sporadic presence is missed around my own neighborhood - did you catch the comment I left on your Calvino piece?

James Yates said...

Hey Michael--

Thanks for the Calvino comment. This goes for everyone who comments on my site: I welcome criticism and problems/disagreements that people might have with my essays.

I'm not at all trying to go on the defensive, but I wrote the Calvino essay after having been out of the literary criticism game for awhile, plus I knew that I didn't truly "get" the book after just one reading. I'm sure that when I read it again, I'll find a lot more things to write about, plus I'll probably be able to find some faults with the original posting.

I hope to get back on the blogging/commenting train by tomorrow. Just got back into town tonight.

Michael Peterson said...

And I, for my part, certainly didn't want my piece viewed aggressively targeted. But critics who daren't lodge opposing critiques aren't critics at all, oui?

I look forward to your full return - It occurs to me that I haven't yet gotten you to do a guestspot for me!

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