Friday, April 25, 2008

Casual Friday-Poetry

Well, this wasn't supposed to be my next post, but the one I'm currently working on is taking a bit longer than expected. So instead, I'm posting a mini-poetry project that I've been meaning to do. This might be a recurring idea, so keep looking for it.

In all of my discussion on writing and theory, I don't think I've mentioned poetry. Personally, I cannot write it for the life of me. Going into college, I quietly dismissed it, but gained a new appreciation after taking two classes on the subject. Certain kinds (villanelles, sonnets, etc.) represent a sort of poetical mathematics that I enjoy--mentally tracing the placement of lines, the number of lines, and the beats that go along with them. In addition, "found art" has always been endlessly fascinating. Websites and publications such as FOUND Magazine find items (anything from actual poems to photographs to grocery lists), and show them, unedited. There's a certain bittersweet quality to it, being both funny and sad at the same time.

I decided to create my own sort of "found" poem. On the main Blogger homepage, there is a streaming list of all the blogs that have been updated at that given time. I picked ten random blogs by writing down the names of them, starting with one, and then looking up at the screen for the next update, and so forth. To create this poem, I went to the ten blogs and wrote down the first sentence that appeared (sadly, two of them were advertisements; they will be pretty easy to spot). There's no real need to say which blogs these lines come from. Let the sentences form the poem and do all the work.

"The Blogger Poem"
Welcome to Resources is Anatomy, Physiology, and Other Medical Subjects
Fatsack Rools
High interests or job loss got you down, we can help
I have not really taken advantage of RSS feeds but I really see the value.
Everyone wants a sexier, flatter tummy, don't you?
rita home
Enjoy Made In The Dark's 'Ready For The Floor' below
Yes, You Have Read Right, This Is The Online Journal Of The Future's Brightest Pop Star...Me!
Most viewed jim rome video
Go surrealism!

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