Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Various thoughts

Hi there.

Well, after a long period of debating whether or not I should do so, I have created a blog. This is actually my second foray into the medium. I had one as a freshman in college (I'm 24 now, six years removed), and looking back on it, it was pretty embarrassing. The blog was a collection of musings and fiction. At the time, I thought the musings were pretty, well, amusing. However, they were more or less plagiarized from George Carlin routines, which I read pretty obsessively at the time. As for the fiction? Well, I was just starting. Beginning writers always think their works are genius, and it takes at least a year to realize that they have a long way to go.

Long story short, I'm keeping my fiction to myself, and the musings will be limited to thoughts on fiction and things of that nature. I recently moved to the Seattle area from Chicago, so that should be worth a few posts.

Yes, I realize that the title of my blog borders on hipster/poser. For 10:30PM, I think it's pretty witty. More to follow.

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